Got a beef? Make some noise in Washington

I just sent a letter to my two senators and my congressman, to be hand-delivered to them in Washington. This time I was talking about the health care provisions in the stimulus bill, but I’ve written them before about other things.

If you ever think about writing to Washington about something, go to It’s the best way I’ve found. Enter your zip code and fire away. One stop to write to both your senators and your representative. What could be faster or easier? (There’s a fee for hand delivery, but everything else is free.)

You and I both know they don’t read every word of every letter. But their staffs do log the number of letters received pro and con on each issue. I think it’s worth a few minutes at the keyboard to increase those numbers on issues that matter to me. And who knows, someone might actually read my letter.

You can, of course, go straight to the top and write directly to President Obama (or his office and staff, at least) at

When enough people write or call and make some noise in Washington, those on Capitol Hill sometimes listen. Come on, people, make some noise!

... and that's my two cents