Requisite Super Bowl Sunday post

Want to watch your blog’s stats tank? Try going a couple of days without posting anything. With this blog, the line to the bottom of the graph wasn’t a long one. I haven’t had anything to say, I didn’t have any fillers ready to go, and I’ve been busy playing Warhammer. All of which has been a very deliberate effort to disengage from the steady stream of dismal economic news.

Yes, I will be watching the Super Bowl today, but I don’t have a dog in the hunt this year. As a real old school fan, I’ve always liked the Steelers. As a disinterested fan, I usually root for the underdog (fun if the Cards manage to win) and an entertaining game. I expect a Steelers blowout though, along with a good time at my son’s house, with his HD big screen, my daughter-in-law’s hot wings, and two grandkids vying for my attention.

Super Bowl ads are always interesting to see, too, especially since back in the Dark Ages I was an advertising/marketing major. I’m particularly intrigued by Miller High Life’s plan to run one-second ads. A truly new concept. Kudos to Miller.

I think it’s cool that Pres. Obama is having a Super Bowl watch party (no doubt keeping a close eye on world events at the same time). There’s nothing more American on this day. I also like that he’s enough of a fan to declare a favorite — the Steelers — and not try to extend his politically correct “bipartisanship” to include both teams. This is the Super Bowl, after all.

One thought on “Requisite Super Bowl Sunday post

  1. You know, I didn’t even know who won until just now–3:30 on Monday, when I Googled it. That is how much I was not into the Super Bowl this year. Weird.

    [With me it’s more a matter of “keeping up with the Joneses” or following the herd, or something. I assume it will be the big topic of conversation for a while, so I watch so I’ll have some idea what everyone is talking about. See how insecure I am?]

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