Spring will come again

Many of us, from the depths of our respective winters, are wishing fervently for Spring to arrive … yesterday. So with a nod to the calendar, I offer the following visual encouragement:

The bravest
The bravest
The sunniest and most carefree
The sunniest
The sweetest
The sweetest
Sakura, the cherry blossoms
The celebration

There’s not much in life that I’m sure about, but to date, the sun has always risen in the morning, and spring has always followed winter. Patience, everyone. Spring will come. And it’s always worth the wait.

2 thoughts on “Spring will come again

  1. I LOVE crocuses! They are so beautiful and intrepid.

    [Aren’t they endearing? Popping through the snow so unexpectedly, so ridiculously early, to brighten our lives. Gotta love ’em.]

  2. These photo’s are beautiful– you are right, it will come– but I’m just so looking forward to it! xoxoxox

    [Actually, I think it was one of your posts that prompted this. Hey, you’ll be able to take two dogs to the park when it warms up. Double the fun!]

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