Today was Binky Day

Happy Binky Day!
Bye Bye Binky!

Today was Binky Day for my granddaughter.

She turns three tomorrow, and that made today Binky Day. I don’t know where my daughter-in-law came up with the idea, but she decided that since the Big 3 arrives tomorrow, it was time for the Binkies to go. She made a big deal of rounding up all the Binkies in the house, buying enough balloons to carry them all to Binky Heaven, and having a big launching ceremony in the front yard.

On the one hand, I know environmentalists have a cow about balloon launches, and not without reason. On the other hand, I thought it was a darling idea and my granddaughter was so impressed with the whole thing. She got to hold all those balloons all by herself and then let them go. On purpose! Whee!

(I just hope they kept one Binky hidden away somewhere in case she changed her mind by bedtime.)

One thought on “Today was Binky Day

  1. Talk about quitting ‘cold turkey’! I wonder if Nicorette will follow suit with their own ‘balloon program’ 😉

    [Rofl. I’m trying to imagine packs of cigarettes hanging in place of those Binkies.]

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