WordPress stats, maps, and widgets

I love blog stats. Visitor stats are almost as much fun for me as the posts, graphics, and comments. It’s fun to see where visitors come from, geographically speaking, and especially to see the global reach of the Internet.

WordPress stats don’t include that info, so I finally broke down and put a ClustrMap in my sidebar. I was reluctant because I haven’t wanted to reveal how few visitors I actually get and possibly discourage other visitors. (“What!? She only got three hits today!? Well, obviously this blog has nothing worthwhile to say … “) Worse, it will take a while to get a respectable number of dots on the map. Oh well, this is all just for fun anyway.

Some WordPress widgets let you show some of your stats, like your current most popular posts, but if you use the one specifically for stats, all you get is a counter. Interesting stuff like the graphs and the search terms people use aren’t accessible by visitors.

Anyway, the map is up. For now.

... and that's my two cents