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Spring has sprung. Wish we'd gotten some snow along with our flowers.
Spring has sprung, for the moment at least. Wish we'd gotten more of that white stuff along with the blossoms.

No posts since Thursday and readership has fallen through the floor. That’s what you call cause and effect.

If Denver is in any way typical, however, I can understand this spring thing that’s probably going on in large areas of the country. We’ve just had several days of unseasonably warm (mid to high 70s) days, sunny, no wind. Everybody doing all the outdoorsy stuff they’ve been waiting all winter to do. Dirt scratching, grass mowing, tree watering. All the stuff the TV meteorologists have been saying not to do because it’s still too early.

The experts may yet have the last laugh. For at least five days now they’ve been warning that we are going to get slammed with a winter storm tomorrow. You know, cold, wind, wet, lots of white stuff. In other words, winter. The report I just saw is predicting the worst of it will now land north and east of us; I think he said something about blizzard warnings for Wyoming and the Nebraska panhandle.

Clearly no one around here has believed a word of it. The traffic got nuts Friday afternoon and has remained so ever since. I, on the other hand, made a simple decision. Get those long-postponed chores done in the backyard while it’s balmy, or go out in the nasty stuff tomorrow and Tuesday to do the same thing. Things like get some trash hauled away, replace some broken planks in the fence, and secure the gates (cheesy latches easily opened by any dog tall enough to reach them). Mission accomplished, I’m happy to say. Those were the things I felt I had to get done before Wednesday, in case a certain canine should end up staying here.

I also picked up a few necessary pet supplies. And since I was already out, I stopped by the dog park where I knew another rescue group would be with their Australian Shepherds. Some idea in the back of my head about having my hands on adoptable dogs helping me make some decisions. Well, it didn’t. But it was a fun way to spend a couple of hours on a pretty day.

Now I’m ready to hibernate for a couple of days, if the weather dictates, do indoor chores, and ponder the wisdom of adopting a dog before one arrives at my front door for a visit on Wednesday. Actually, I kind of hope the weather folks are right. Several cold, wet days would be a nice change, whenever they come.

It has definitely clouded up in the last hour. Pray for rain here, everyone. We really need it!

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  1. Oh, those 70 degree days are just such teasers! A dog, whoah Nellie, how’d I miss the “getting a dog” post, I need to go scroll down some more and see what’s up with that?
    You missed it because the head didn’t say “getting a dog”! 😆

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