Dropping Adam; going with Allison

I’m hereby exercising my right to change my American Idol pick. Several weeks ago I said I liked Adam Lambert, and I do think he’s got a terrific voice. But after what he did to Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” (I’m a huge Cash fan and have been since high school) and then whatever it was he sang last night, I’m falling back to my former second choice, Allison Iraheta. She, too, has a great voice, and I have to constantly remind myself she’s only 16. Remarkable voice and maturity for a 16-year-old. And I like her better as a performer than some of the others who are turning out to be pretty good but are just not as memorable.

P.S. I never vote on these phone-in vote shows. Maybe if it were free, I would, but I’m too cheap to pay to vote.

One thought on “Dropping Adam; going with Allison

  1. This morning when I got home from work I watched 1/2 of Idol from the night before- I fell asleep. It was Motown night. So far my favorite is Danny. I still have to watch the 2nd 1/2 when I get home today- I wanna see what Danny did with Motown – Your girl is kick ass btw! I do NOT think Michael is talented and scratch my head wondering why he’s even there? Yes, I like country music, but I don’t think he sings very well. Megan’s Motown night was horrendous, what was she thinking? Lawdy… I love this show too and make no apologies. I cannot wait to get home and watch the rest.
    Megan is almost too cute and I don’t really want another cute blonde gal winning. Perky annoys me. Her tat intrigues me, though; seems totally out of character. Danny is awfully good, but it’s taken me this long to realize it. For the longest time I could only remember him as the geeky looking guy with the glasses.

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