How many clocks did YOU reset last night?

Welcome to the first day of Daylight Saving Time, 2009 edition.

Did you get all your clocks reset last night? I’m still working on mine. No two are the same, and they are everywhere!

Last night, late, sitting at the computer, I reset my watch and the little travel alarm that sits on the desk. I knew the computer would reset itself (thank goodness!).

Next, the coffeemaker. Gotta have that hot java waiting for me in the morning or I just can’t bear climbing out of bed. While I was in the kitchen, I also reset the microwave’s clock. Easy. Not nearly as hard as I’d remembered. And it just occurred to me, there’s a clock on the stove I need to change, and a little time/temp thing in the kitchen window.

Then I moved into the bedroom, where there’s an alarm clock that’s almost smarter than I am (not so hard these days). It has a little slider on top that shows the four US time zones. I have it set on MST. Fine, I thought. But now I want MDT. No such setting. There’s another button labeled DST. Press that and the display changes to a cryptic, digital “d 2.” Uh huh. What’s that about? D for Daylight Saving? But what’s the 2? It’s only a one-hour change. A lot of the settings on the clock involve pressing one button until the display starts blinking, then pressing other buttons to change the numbers. Well, at 2 am (MST), I couldn’t deal with it. I moved the slider over to CST, the time sprang forward one hour, and I went to bed.

This morning I reset the phones. I have a base and three wireless handsets lying around. No such thing as resetting them all from an extension while lounging on the couch in front of the TV. I had to go to the base to change all the phones. Hmm. Except for the cellphone in my purse. Must remember to do that one.

Also while on the couch, I can see the time on the cable box on top of the TV. That one, thankfully, gets reset by Comcast. I don’t have to touch it. The little weather station base on the shelf above the TV also resets automatically; it’s controlled by the atomic clock in Boulder. Love that.

I think that’s every clock in the house. I even managed to defeat the bedroom clock this morning; its slider is back on MST and it still shows the correct DST time. I finally held down the right combo of buttons while clicking on the other necessary buttons.

Oops, there’s a WordPress timestamp I have to manually reset somewhere, I think. I’ll do that after I post this, so keep in mind that the correct timestamp for this post is actually an hour later than shown. Fortunately, the little time/temp widget in my sidebar seems to have reset itself.

Oh damn. There’s a clock in the car …

Later: Oops, I forgot the one on the thermostat. No wonder it was so cold when I got up this morning!

11 thoughts on “How many clocks did YOU reset last night?

  1. I forgot the microwave clock until this Sunday morning. (P.S. I remember the census-taker from when I was a kid. I want to say her name was Edna. This would be in 1970. Apparently they did take names back then, but not all of that other stuff.)

    1. I’ve got to believe that door-to-door census-taking resulted in a more honest count than today’s mail-in forms. Cynic that I am, I assume there are a lot of people in this country who would rather not return the forms and admit they’re here.

  2. I got in the car and panicked a bit thinking I was late for the vet appt. for Cozmo and Bella. Shoooot, there’s always another clock lurking around the corner to scare the shit out of you!

  3. I found yet another clock today, on the cordless phone answering thingy. Did the car last night. I count like 8 clocks. Don’t wear a watch. πŸ™‚ That’s too many clocks I’m thinking.

    1. I used to deliberately not take clocks or watches on my vacations, in order to escape their tyranny. Yet here I am, retired, and look at all the clocks I still have in my life! Sad, isn’t it?

      1. Funny, I actually started on Blogger in November of 2008 but found getting help to be a bit of a nightmare. WordPress had a much friendlier β€œnewbie” experience! πŸ˜€

        1. I came here from Blogger. I forget how long ago that was. Probably the first year WP started up. And was on Xanga before Blogger. Copied everything over to WP rather than just abandon the old posts.

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