Some people are never satisfied

Nested comments. You may have noticed WordPress added them a while back. I was excited about it at first, but it has several shortcomings for backwater blogs like this one.

I don’t get enough visitors and discussion, with people addressing one another, to really take advantage of nested comments. I do keep the feature turned on, however, if you want to reply to a specific comment instead of my post. Just click “reply” in that comment, and you reply will tuck neatly under his/hers.

For a week or so, I was letting my comments nest under yours, and it’s a nice set-up. The downside is that my comments then show up in my sidebar, along with yours. As few visitors and comments as I get, I don’t want that widget filled with my comments. I’m trying to feature and encourage your comments. So hop to it! I’ve reverted to putting my comments within yours.

... and that's my two cents