To shovel or not to shovel

By now anyone who cares knows that Denver is in the middle of a spring blizzard. Moisture! Woot!

Looks like about ten inches around here (say, a three-mile radius), although the wind is rearranging it in interesting ways. Roofs are bare or only thinly covered, but on the lee side of fences, porches, etc., I see drifts of two feet or more.

As I type, we are in a lull; the existing snow is still being blown around, but for the moment no more is falling. And three of my neighbors have hopped outside, one with a snowblower, the other two with shovels, to clear their driveways.

Why? the newbie asks herself. This thing isn’t supposed to be over until early tomorrow. Why clear your driveway now? Is it easier to shovel once in mid-storm and again at the end? Bundle up twice; go out and get cold, wet, and exhausted twice? Or would it be easier to just wait till it’s over and do everything once, but with twice as much snow? What do they know that I don’t know?

All the neighbors are twenty years younger. They have jobs to get to or other things to do. Maybe that’s it.

Or maybe they just didn’t get to the grocery store ahead of time like I did.

One thought on “To shovel or not to shovel

  1. Whenever it snows here, the neighbors are out there shoveling or snow blowing immediately. I guess they figure it’s easier to do a little at a time instead of a large amount later? I never understood this and find this post humorous. I just leave my driveway packed- and pull in with brute force 🙂 It’ll melt. When my huz didn’t shovel because it all fell while he was at work, I don’t do it, I just drive through it. I’m bad that way.
    My driveway slopes down to the street, so I can get out through almost anything. Getting back in without AWD might be a different story. And melting could take a while, since the driveway ends up fully shaded by noon or so. But there’s no rule saying I need to clear the entire double driveway for my one car. This is my second winter here, and still no neighbor has offered to help the huffing, puffing grandma clear her driveway. 🙁

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