Yes, I watch American Idol

Adam Lambert

Before I watch tonight’s results on “American Idol,” where the first of the final 13 contestants will be voted off, I want to state for the record:

My early pick for this year’s winner is Adam Lambert.

I don’t even know most of the other names yet, and there are some good performers in the group. Still, I think Adam was the best, first, and has continued to be the most consistently outstanding. It’s unusual for me to have even learned a name this early in the competition.

(I learned Tatiana’s name a few weeks ago, but only because I couldn’t stand her.)

Okay, that’s it. Don’t want to make a big issue of the fact that I watch the show. Some in my family think it’s really tacky.

2 thoughts on “Yes, I watch American Idol

  1. I love AI, I’ve watched it from the get-go. That kid is definitely different and has a set of chops! I’m still a little undecided but it’s good to know you watch too!!! xoxoxoxo

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