Month: April 2009

Scare Force One

By now, everyone has heard about Air Force One’s photo-op flight over Manhattan’s skyscrapers yesterday. Definitely one of the most boneheaded, stupid, irresponsible decisions to come down the political pike in a long time. I’m as outraged and incredulous as… Read More ›

Thank you, Arlen Specter

It doesn’t hurt my feelings at all that Pennsylvania’s Sen. Arlen Specter announced today he is jumping from the Republicans to the Democrats. I’m sure the MSM will keep everyone up to date on everything this means for Specter’s career,… Read More ›

Curiouser and curiouser

I doubt any of my readers spend enough time looking at my bestsellers widget to notice, but there is one rather puzzling thing happening there. “Grandma vs. the Alien: Chapter 2” persists. That whole sad story started late last summer,… Read More ›