Pots, pans, and personalities

One thought on “Pots, pans, and personalities”

  1. I thought I liked miss Perk-a-Lot at first, and I love to cook. Her “30 minute meals” are my style of cooking too, but with whatever ingredients are on hand. But after a while the “Yum-O” and the “EVOO” started, well, getting to me in a way that the cuteness could not undo.

    On the other hand, Emeril drives me nuts too.

    I bet that Alaskan lady eats lots of pizza and cheeseburgers. 🙂
    The EVOO was only the first in a long line of turn-offs; does anyone else anywhere call it that?

    I didn’t think of Emeril till after I’d posted. Then, BAM!, I wrote him off as obnoxious. I really don’t like his Emerily goodness being hurled into my food.

    Pizza and cheeseburgers? Au contraire! Why would she eat junk food when her favorite is good ol’ down-home moose stew? She probably keeps a freezer full of it (Hey, maybe when she’s through failing at politics, she could do a cooking show … ).

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