Warning: Polygamy follows gay marriage

4 thoughts on “Warning: Polygamy follows gay marriage”

  1. I’m not getting this either. Funny how people think. On a humorous take on it- anyone that’s been married for a while might start to think polygamy is a phenomenal idea; one huz, a few wives = less work for the wives…. LOL! And, it’s 230am here- my eyes are criss-crossing too 😦
    I wouldn’t know my own name at 2:30 am, and I guarantee you that time doesn’t appear on any of my clocks. There is no such time in my life.

  2. Hey PT, now it’s 706am- I just have to make it until 730am and then I’m outta here, on my way home to Zzzzzzz!

    I am on tonight and have to stay all morning and early afternoon Sunday too. It’s all good. I am covering for a friend who needed to go out of town. I will be home at 4pm Sunday and plan on celebrating Easter w/ the huz and kids then.

    Do you have Easter plans? If so, have a beautiful holiday! Take care and hope to chat w/ you soon 😉
    Even when I was thirty years younger, I couldn’t have handled shift work. I don’t know how you can do it and run a family too. Amazes me.

    No Easter plans here, although as I recall, the mysterious green glitter still lurking in my car is from a special egg a grandchild made for me last year.

  3. Canada is not “legalizing gay marriage.” It already did so, almost four years ago.

    Steyn’s argument is perverse, as it is assumes homosexuality is, like polygamy, nothing more than a lifestyle choice.
    My apologies to Canada if I misstated Canada’s current law. But Steyn is still an idiot.

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