Month: April 2009

Not exactly shelter chic

I always hope I’m exaggerating, at least a little, when I say I’m a cynic. And inside, I’m always ashamed of myself for being so suspicious of people’s motives. That said, I’m rather peeved about the new White House puppy,… Read More ›

Something to howl about

“The Big Howl” is a last ditch effort to keep the gray wolves of the Northern Rockies from losing their endangered species designation. For most of them, that protection ends May 4, thanks to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, who decided… Read More ›

Need a smile?

Smile! It’s Tweenbot! Come on, he’s adorable, you’ve got to admit. He’s part of an imaginative postgrad project to see if bystanders will help a lil 10″ dude (who can only move in a straight line) reach his destination. This… Read More ›