Month: April 2009

The pot and the kettle

That Alaskan woman — you know, the one who ran for vice president not long ago — is still at it. She’s airing her family’s dirty laundry in public again (you remember, the underage daughter who got pregnant and is… Read More ›

Attention, wolf lovers

No, this isn’t another update on the status of gray wolves. I just wanted to direct your attention to an especially handsome wolf pictured over on Thoughts-0-Dave. This guy’s markings (the wolf’s, not Dave’s) are more distinct and colorful than… Read More ›

None so blind

I recently stumbled across a website called The Unapologetic Mexican which, as it turns out, houses an articulate but seething, angry reconquista (nezua, a US citizen by birth). Had I read the author’s bio prior to commenting, I’d have thought… Read More ›