Scare Force One

By now, everyone has heard about Air Force One’s photo-op flight over Manhattan’s skyscrapers yesterday.

Definitely one of the most boneheaded, stupid, irresponsible decisions to come down the political pike in a long time. I’m as outraged and incredulous as anyone in NYC, and had I been in NYC, I imagine I’d have been leading the stampede of panicked people out of those high rises.

Turns out the idiot who made the decision and approved the flight is White House Military Office Director Louis Caldera. And he has apologized and taken responsibility for any “distress” the flight caused. Big whoop.

This guy also served on the IndyMac Bank board of directors from 2002 until its failure in 2008. He was there watching and signing off on things while the bank ran aground and sank in a mess of its own making. Bet he was really sorry about that, too.

This is one of those times when “I’m sorry” simply isn’t enough. Caldera should either quit or be fired. The incompetence of his decision-making is stunning. (Sorry bout that, Lou.)

2 thoughts on “Scare Force One

  1. For a photo-op?

    The person responsible for this mess needs to be fired. Good riddance!
    Yep, we sure don’t need a pinhead like that making any more decisions. Sounds to me like it should be Caldera, but I think there’s an “investigation” (aka postpone any action until everyone forgets about it) under way now.

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