Keep singing, Susan

susan-boyleI just read that Susan Boyle lost in the finals of “Britain’s Got Talent.” She was beaten by a dance troupe named “Diversity.”

Perhaps it’s just as well. As inspiring as her story has been, and as beautiful as her voice is, she seemed ill prepared and ill suited to life in the spotlight. I hope the recognition she’s received to date will open some doors for her — in a way that won’t take her world from her, and her from it.

A singer losing to a dance troupe. Apples vs. oranges. It proves nothing. We all know shows like this exist to put people in the limelight either to succeed or to make fools of themselves — all in the interests of entertaining those who watch. And, of course, make money for those who produce such shows.

Susan Boyle didn’t lose. Not really. She won our hearts the day we first heard her sing.

Good luck, Susan.

One thought on “Keep singing, Susan

  1. Good analysis here. And too, often in the end, those who don’t win these types of competitions end up doing better in one way or another than the winners do. She does have the voice of an angel – and that ain’t bad, not bad at all.
    I certainly hope good things come her way after all this. I’ve grown rather fond of the lady.

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