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What goes around, comes around, Senator

Sen. Arlen Specter

Sen. Arlen Specter, who recently switched from the Republican to the Democratic Party, is discovering it isn’t as easy as he thought it would be.

The Democrats voted last night to strip him of all his seniority, apparently in retaliation for his not supporting them in several recent votes. Imagine that. Vengeance and retaliation in the Senate.

But Harry Reid promised! sputtered the very unhappy senator. Poor senator.

How much sympathy is anyone supposed to have for a party switcher, particularly one who announced at a press conference that he was doing so because he figured he couldn’t get re-elected in Pennsylvania as a Republican.

Well, Senator, you made your bed; now, lie in it. You abandoned a foundering Republican ship; don’t expect them to love you. You joined the Democrats strictly for selfish, personal political gain (and were dumb enough to say so in public); certainly the Democrats shouldn’t trust you.

You earned your seniority with the Republicans as a Republican; that doesn’t mean squat to the Democrats. So what if they promised you could keep your seniority (if they did). Didn’t you promise the Republicans you’d be one of them if they supported and elected you?

Senator, you’re a political opportunist loyal only to yourself, just like Senator Lieberman. Talk to him. Maybe you’ll find a little sympathy there.

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