Taser-happy cop zaps 72-year-old woman

I just saw this Fort Worth, Tex., dash cam footage on the news this morning and I am incensed:


That’s a 72-year-old grandmother getting tased by a police officer half again her size!! Yes, she was speeding (60 in a 45 mph zone, according to the report). Yes, she got a bit belligerent and uncooperative. But tase her!!??

Any police officer that big who can’t control a woman that small and old without ordering her to “get on the ground” and resorting to his Taser ought to be fired! Not suspended, not reprimanded, not lectured or warned or retrained. Fired. The man doesn’t have enough common sense and good judgment to be a law officer.

I’ve written before about cops overusing and misusing Tasers, and this incident only confirms my belief.


If you want to get into actual Taser-related deaths in North America, the total a year ago was more than 400 and rising, according to one source.

2 thoughts on “Taser-happy cop zaps 72-year-old woman

  1. That’s a great way to give her a heart attack. Ye gods!
    Yeah, that and breaking her arthritic hip when she hits the ground.

  2. Using a Taser is attempted murder. It destroys nerves and muscle in and around the heart. It might take up to 3 years or more (or less!) to die from it, but you have just been killed.

    Anyone who uses a Taser is using a Torture weapon. Such a user is a common murderer, and a coward.

    Any Department head that condones the use of these Horror Weapons should be executed by Public Hanging.
    I think if murder were the intent, they’d use their guns. Tasers are supposed to be a not-quite-lethal way to bring down a suspect when there is no other way to stop or subdue them. Yet we keep seeing them used just because the cop is angry, or wants to “punish” the suspect, or simply avoid having to use physical force and maybe get a bloody nose or a kick in the groin. Not sure what problem this particular cop was having. Maybe he’d always hated his mother or something. Why else would a grown man treat an old woman like this?

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