Currently testing my patience …

Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska and former GOP vice presidential wannabe … for her continuing inability to distinguish late night comedy from mainstream news. Remember back in February when she included Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show, and The Colbert Report in her list of news media that sought to destroy her during her campaign? Is she too unsophisticated to understand the difference … or just too dumb?

And while it may be wishful thinking on my part, it seems to me the GOP has been giving Palin the cold shoulder since the election — disinviting, uninviting, ignoring, choosing other speakers. It may be just another symptom of the party’s current state of disarray, but the mantle of party leadership that Palin thought she’d been given seems to have evaporated along with that wardrobe she had to return to the RNC.

Carrie Prejean, now the former Miss California USA, is also testing my patience. Donald Trump gave her a second chance and she blew it royally. Sounds like she has no one to blame but herself. Even ditch diggers honor contract obligations.

Both these women have been given far more publicity than they deserve, and neither has had sense enough to shut up and make the most of their position. They have continued to talk too much and do to little.

Ladies, haven’t you ever heard that actions speak louder than words? Stop talking about how wounded you are. Stop making women everywhere look like airheads who talk too much and don’t make much sense when they do. Stop the embarrassing “poor me” routine. You sought this publicity. You craved it. You didn’t hesitate to exploit your feminine good looks to get it.

Now stop complaining and do something worthwhile with the high visibility you’ve got. The clock is ticking and your 15 minutes will be over very soon.

3 thoughts on “Currently testing my patience …

  1. I agree. I wonder if Letterman will be donating anything to the GOP next go-around. Isn’t he a Republican?
    Don’t know what his party affiliation is, but for any supposedly serious politician to go nuts over one of his dumb jokes is irrational … unless, of course, said politician is irrational … or not a serious politician …

  2. Just breathe deep and count to ten, dearie. Sarah Palin is just a made-up boogeyman, like Michael Jackson. She’s not real and can’t hurt you. 😉
    Oh thank gawd! I had this dream where she just talked and talked and talked and made less and less sense about anything and everything and … and her mouth and glasses and hair kept getting bigger and bigger and and … I’m so glad it was all just a bad dream.

    1. And if you could see inside her skull, it would be all hair in there too. And magazine clippings. Wasn’t it especially amusing how she explained just why Letterman’s stupid joke was perverted? In case we didn’t fathom the technical details of what constitutes impropriety. Please make like a tumbleweed Sarah, and blow away.
      Eww. All I’d pictured in there was a void. Sort of like a black hole from which light cannot escape …

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