Month: July 2009

PC silliness

Just a little addendum to my sunflower post a few days ago … Trying to identify the smaller thistle-like plant growing beneath the sunflowers, I looked up “niger seed,” a fine, black bird seed I’d always thought was from a… Read More ›

Accidental sunflowers

Last spring I hung a couple of pre-formed cylinders of mixed bird seed on my back fence. I wanted to see what species, if any, I could draw into a backyard featuring only grass and river rock mulch. Birds being… Read More ›

Same song, umpteenth verse

I’m about to repeat myself, but at my age that’s not supposed to surprise anyone. Anyway, you’ve been warned. Once again, in Washington, there has been an attempt to attach an unrelated amendment to a guaranteed-to-pass piece of legislation. This… Read More ›

The confirmation circus begins

The confirmation hearings for Judge Sonia Sotomayor began today in Washington. I’ve looked forward to watching them because I’m curious about Sotomayor and what she’ll say. But I was startled to see America’s newest, most junior senator, former comedian Al… Read More ›