How I never became a writer

4 thoughts on “How I never became a writer”

  1. I think you’re a helluva writer. I’m willing to wager you could craft a terrific pitch and get published, even in this ridiculous market, because I think you’re that good. If I had assigning and hiring privileges, I’d put you to work. AND, you’re all hip with the new media. Print is nearly dead as an industry, but on-line is fine. Seriously. If you want to do it, do. No time like the present.
    Aww, gee. I wasn’t fishing for compliments. 😳 But thanks.

  2. I love how writers are in constant denial about being writers. That’s a great story and tells me a lot about you – which I’m happy to know. It sounds to me like you’ve had an interesting life in your mad pursuit not to be a writer.

    Of course, we all know blogging isn’t writing, so your secret is safe with me.

    Great post.
    Oh, thank goodness. I wouldn’t want anyone to think my blogging constituted real writing. No, no. This is just messing around for fun.

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