Grandma doesn’t do church

One thought on “Grandma doesn’t do church”

  1. I was raised Catholic. They used to quip that anyone could become a Presbyterian as long as they could spell “Presbyterian.” When I was an active Unitarian Universalist, the ministers had their own little joke about Roman Catholicism–that the Catholic Church kept Unitarian Universalism in business, as most converts to UU are ex-Catholics.

    Funny how we both ended up in the same place, though!
    Maybe if the churches stopped zinging each other, they’d stop losing members. I saw no point in going to some gathering where we recited canned answers and memorized prayers and listened to some pontificating preacher telling us how to vote, after reminding us about a heaven up there where the space station orbits, or a hell down somewhere in the earth’s molten core. Or eternal life. Or best of all, predestination, which seems to negate any need to worry about all that other stuff.

    Not such a coincidence, really, that two educated women who think for themselves ended up in the same place.

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