Wyeth chooses profits over ethics

5 thoughts on “Wyeth chooses profits over ethics”

  1. Augh! One more thing about the medical-pharmaceutical-industrial complex over which to bang my head upon the desk. (And still manage to avoid ending a sentence with a preposition.)
    It’s enough to make a retired medical editor/publisher cry. (I’d do the head-banging thing, but I can’t afford to wreck what passes for my desk these days.)

  2. This is the inevitable result of for-profit medicine and corporate non-disclosure procedures.

    For-profit corporations cannot EVER be expected to participate in pure scientific research.

    The Machine can neither be expected to be at all interested in preventing the disease which it causes, then demands outrageous payment to repair.

    Health Care is itself a huge misnomer. Our very lifestyle is toxic. 🙁

    Just when these industries are set to become my closest friends and confidantes (because of my age), all the dirt starts coming out. Doesn’t make a single old lady very happy, I’ll tell you that. Who am I supposed to trust anymore?

  3. I agree wholeheartedly with David re; the state of health care.
    I feel I can’t trust anyone in the healthcare field anymore.
    It amazes me that I pay over 15K a year for my family and still get whacked with
    a 35$ co-pay for a Doctor visit. it pisses me off to no end that Rosita who knows the system pays 0$ for health care, gets free medicine and doesn’t have a co-pay.
    She probably has a car given to her by the state as well to get her back and forth.
    God, this state (MA) sucks.
    (off my soapbox, sorry)
    And MA was supposed to be the model for how it’s done. Sigh. I don’t don’t have much faith in the system anymore either — and at my age, that’s scary as hell. Especially when it’s the politicians, not the medical community, promising they’re going to “fix” things.

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