McGriddles, cherries, and donuts


I think I’m not alone in mentioning how much I can anticipate a certain favorite food. I can almost smell it and taste it beforehand. If something happens and I don’t get it, nothing else can really make up for it.

I remember once, for example, anticipating getting a McGriddle breakfast sandwich at McDonald’s. I arrived just minutes after they stopped serving their breakfast menu and couldn’t get one. Would I like a burger and fries? I think not. My taste buds were primed for a McGriddle. A burger would have been worse than nothing.

Yesterday I went to the supermarket. High on my list was a big bag of beautiful, dark bing cherries. I’d been buying them weekly for some time. Absolutely delicious. A guilt-free, no-prep snack for any time of day or night. They let me feel positively virtuous as I indulged my snacking habit. I could even play Warhammer and munch on them at the same time; no greasy, salty fingers on my keyboard!

So, practically salivating for cherries, I headed to the store. (You know where this is going, right?)

Yep, the cherries are gone. The season is over, apparently. The store had no more and does not anticipate getting any more this year. Unlike melons or strawberries, cherries, the cashier told me, are not widely grown and not available year round.

So it’s come to this. A little old lady’s day ruined because the cherry season is over. Of course, I had to console myself some way, and the bakery counter came up right after the produce section. Mmmm. Half a dozen guilt-inducing sugared raised donuts. Melt-in-your-mouth fresh.

I’m still disappointed about the cherries, but I’ll soldier on until they return next summer. Mmm, I can almost taste them now …

5 thoughts on “McGriddles, cherries, and donuts

  1. Girl, I know what you are talking about. I am not the biggest fan of cherries, but they are tasty every once and a while. I’m sorry you cannot get them but LMAO when I read how you consoled yourself with donuts! Very cool! Wish I were there with you to dunk in a nice cuppa java and we could chat ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great weekend!
    A great donut can cure a world of ills!

  2. Yeah, the cherries this year were really great. I love them too. I wish I could stop re-running that Witches of Eastwick scene through my head while enjoying the lovely drupes.
    Fortunately, or unfortunately, I don’t remember that scene.

    1. “Have another cherry.” Heh!
      Okay, I found the scene on YouTube. Here’s hoping I either forget it by next summer or become a witch by then.

  3. This happened to me the other day at lunchtime.
    I had to have sweet and sour chicken for lunch. Had to.
    And I found it! Awesome.
    Might like my food blog if you haven’t been . . .
    Bing cherries?
    I’m with you there.
    My daughters could kill a 3lb bag in 10 minutes. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    ps. did you finally get your McGriddle?
    That day, no McGriddle. I’ve missed them several other times for the same reason. It’s my fault for not being a morning person who gets out at a respectable hour. lol.

    Your wonderful food blog had me drooling the first day I visited it.

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