A rare victory for the little guys

Not long ago I wrote about the shady marketing practices of Travelers Advantage. I am writing today to correct the record. In the first part of that post I told about a mysterious $9 charge that appeared on my credit card. Turns out that was not Travelers Advantage; it was WLI*ReservationRewards, aka WebLoyalty.com. I apologize for the error, but it really changes nothing. Both companies indulge in very questionable marketing techniques.

Justice has prevailed. WebLoyalty was the group that actually took my money and the money of thousands of others. They have since lost a class action suit. Hurray! The suit was settled several months ago, and I didn’t receive notice of it until today, but that’s okay. It’s enough to know they got nailed.

I’d like to think this will be a warning to all the similarly sleazy operators out there, but I doubt it will change anything. As long as there are consumers to be duped and money to be had, some lowlife outfit is going to step up and try it.

... and that's my two cents