Another self-inflicted GOP wound

Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC)
Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC)

Here he is, folks. Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC), the man who called the President a liar during last night’s Joint Session of Congress.

Class act there, Joe. Not to the President’s face, not in a private conversation, not in less inflammatory words. Nope, you waited for a really important speech. You waited until you were in a solemn gathering of all your colleagues and in front of a nationwide television audience. Then when the moment was right, when the President paused, you shouted, “You lie!” at him. The only thing you screwed up was not waiting until the TV cameras were on you so the entire nation could see, not just hear, what a disrespectful buffoon you are.

You must be so proud. Your family must be so proud. Your state must be positively glowing as you carry on its tradition of politicians making monumental fools of themselves in public. And your party — your party must be wondering when or if it will get past the nut jobs like you who seem determined to destroy it.

(Oh sure, he apologized later. Sort of. Don’t they all?)

2 thoughts on “Another self-inflicted GOP wound

  1. Hey 30,
    Well girl, here we are again at complete opposite ends of the political spectrum. Personally, I say, “Go Joe!” You want to talk about disrespect – how about Harry Reid et al, calling the President of the United States an idiot? It goes both ways. The pubbies are finally learning the ground rules and I say, good for them.
    Oh, I agree there’s been plenty of name-calling all around. That will never change. What stunned me was where Wilson did his name-calling. He violated the decorum and solemnity traditionally accorded a Presidential Address to a Joint Session of Congress.

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