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As ye sow …

The anti-abortion radicals have promulgated a lot a violence in America in recent years, usually directed not at people they know personally but at strangers with whom they disagree. It doesn’t take much to imagine what would happen if everyone went out and shouted down, blockaded, bombed, and even killed people they disagree with. Political, religious, or personal disagreement — it doesn’t matter. Ours is a nation of law.

I’d hoped the shocking murder of Dr. George Tiller in his own church might be the signal to all that enough was enough, that the whole anti-abortion thing had gone much, much too far and had to stop.

That, of course, was not to be. To mix a few metaphors, what goes around comes around, and the chickens have come home to roost. In the superheated atmosphere of confrontation and violence fomented by the radical anti-abortionists, one of their own, James Pouillon, has been shot and killed in Michigan by a man who apparently didn’t like Pouillon’s waving his sign outside the local high school. According to one source, the sign pictured a chubby-cheeked baby with the word LIFE on one side and an image of an aborted fetus with the word ABORTION on the other.

So when does this insanity end? When all the abortionists are dead? When all the anti-abortionists are dead? When all the pro-choicers are dead? When all the women of childbearing age are dead? When all the babies are dead? When everyone who has unprotected sex is dead? You tell me. When will everyone be satisfied?

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