Month: October 2009

Call me Samuel

I’d been sawing logs for at least four hours when the phone rang. (You already know where this is going, right?) Grrrrr! Rolling over, I reached sleepily for the phone. At the same time I saw the clock — 6:01… Read More ›

Storm warning

Glowering gray sinks slowly from peak to plain warning an anxious populace to hurry. Hurry to stock up on groceries, to fill up on gas, to do what won’t wait till the weekend. “Too big to fail,” they joke on… Read More ›

News in a nutshell

Want the news, but you’re in a hurry? Want more than just headlines but less than multipage in-depth reports? Check out Newser (“Read less, know more”), one of my favorite online news sources. Newser’s main pages are organized by subject… Read More ›