Little lost llama loose no more

Not Homer, but still a fine llama
Not Homer, but handsome nonetheless

I love happy endings. I love animal stories. When they’re one and the same, they’re well nigh unbeatable.

So it is with the story of the “lone llama of Pikes Peak.” In early September, tourists riding the cog railroad up and down the mountain noticed a lone white llama near the train. He seemed healthy and content, roaming an area similar to the South American Andes where llamas originated. But he was alone.

Llamas are domesticated herd animals, kept as pack animals or pets and very popular in Colorado. Clearly the lonesome llama, only 6 months old, had somehow escaped from its owner and with winter fast approaching, llama lovers were concerned about the little guy’s welfare. After all, winter at 13,000 feet is not for babies.

Several rescue/capture attempts failed, but finally last Friday — success!

Dubbed Homer by the woman who caught him, “because of his little odyssey,” the llama is now residing safely, albeit with frostbitten ears, at his rescuer’s farm, awaiting adoption.

Do check the links I’ve included because there are pictures of Homer and detailed stories from the Colorado Springs Gazette.

Update: The happy ending gets happier. Homer’s owners have been found! Also, several more related photos here.

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