News in a nutshell


Want the news, but you’re in a hurry? Want more than just headlines but less than multipage in-depth reports? Check out Newser (“Read less, know more”), one of my favorite online news sources.

Newser’s main pages are organized by subject matter. (I keep the Science & Health section bookmarked.) The heads, with related pictures, are arrayed on a grid, making it easy to spot items of interest.

Click what catches your eye and you’re taken to a concise one- or two-paragraph synopsis of the story. As I noted in my previous post, that’s really all you need to get the nitty gritty of any story. But if you want to read more, there’s always a link to the longer, original story.

Opinion pieces, with bylines, appear below the grid and are clearly labeled “Off the Grid.”

There are convenient navigation tabs and drop-down menus across the top of the page, including the one I just noticed — “Sources.” Itemized lists of Newser’s sources in the last 72 hours and their top 100 sources overall, with the number of stories garnered from each. Click one and you get a grid with stories just from that source.

If all that weren’t enough, there’s even a local news and weather section at the bottom of the page. I don’t recall entering my info, so the site must extrapolate from my IP address or something.

Love this website.

... and that's my two cents