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Tis the (catalog) season


’Tis the season, all right. Not for Christmas, of which I’m not a fan, but for catalogs!!

You don’t have to come by here very often to know I’m a fan of online and catalog shopping. More like an addict, actually. I can’t remember the last time I shopped at a mall, probably because I don’t like having to drive that far, walk that much, and deal with all those hovering sales people. And once the serious Christmas shopping begins, I won’t go near a mall just because of the masses of shoppers. Been there, done that, for many years.

In the comfort of my own home, however, I can browse online stores to my heart’s content. And being a creature of the old school, I love the masses of catalogs that have begun to fill my mailbox. Some will actually be dog-eared and set aside for further consideration, while most will end up in the trash can (to be recycled), some more quickly than others. Most will come from businesses I’ve shopped with at one time or another, but a few will be total surprises, from enterprising companies that got my name from so-and-so’s mailing list, who may have gotten it from so-and-so, where I bought, or at least thought about buying and/or wish-listed a particular item.

Wait. Don’t go getting all indignant on my behalf. We little old ladies who live alone still enjoy getting real snail mail. I hate junk mail and get a ton of it, but catalogs are decidedly not junk mail. They are little wish books.

Just this week, I got catalogs from the following merchants:

Still to come and eagerly awaited:

Then there are the guys who don’t clutter my mail with catalogs or charge me higher prices to pay for them. They just provide great products and great (I really must find some new adjectives) service from their websites:

There you go. By now you must be thinking all I do is buy stuff. You’d be wrong. I really can’t afford to buy much at all, and well over half of what I order ends up being returned for one reason or another.  But with Christmas coming up, gift ideas are starting to percolate, and I thought I’d share my info.

(BTW, I know there should be an apostrophe in the head, but WordPress can’t seem to produce a proper one in front of Tis, so I left it out.)

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