It’s duck and cover till January 2

3 thoughts on “It’s duck and cover till January 2”

  1. I agree with you on the shopping thing. There are a couple of big ticket items I personally want for myself this year, but I don’t see the point in “asking” a friend for a gift that I can just go out and buy for myself. I’ve told everyone not to give me a gift and I won’t give them a gift. Instead we’ll just buy some things for ourselves, then hang out and enjoy the company on the holidays. That is what it is all about. I’ll also donate some extra money to a shelter, or the Salvation Army (I love the look on the bell-ringer’s face when I stuff a $20 down the slot in the bucket)

    Sounds like you have the right plan: relax and watch some football. Soon the Solstice will come and go and it will be light out again.
    Sounds like you’ve got the right idea. I’d love to make it not about the presents, but if there are kids or grandkids in the mix, Santa must put in an appearance.

  2. Whew! That was a mighty rant. I don’t bother to duck and cover. It’s a somewhat concerted effort, but I ignore it all completely. I tell folks I’ve finished all MY xmas shopping already. CUZ I DON’T DO ANY!!! But if they say merry xmas I say it back. If they don’t I don’t. Happy Holidays Whatever. I see your rant and raise you one free verse:

    Sweet irony that
    they have named
    Black Friday
    That day after Thanksgiving’s
    greed stampede
    of fruitless searches
    for satisfaction impossible:
    materialism’s annual orgasm
    in the darkest days
    of winter solstice.
    Have at it
    all you good consumers.
    Isn’t it a shame
    that they’ve taken all the X
    out of Xmas?

    Hope that you had a nice Thanksgiving. We did.

    Yes, wonderful Thanksgiving. Had a perfect 70 degree day to boot. Not a cloud in the sky.

    Loved the poem, especially the “greed stampede” and “materialism’s annual orgasm.” And Black Friday, now, will forever mean the day that poor store worker was trampled to death.

    I got all but one gift purchased online in the last week; all stocking stuffer type stuff. Token gifts for siblings who really deserve so much more. If I go out at all tomorrow, it will be to take Annie to the dog park. We’re supposed to have one more glorious day before the next storm moves in. Cheers, and stay safely away from the mobs tomorrow.

    I think you and I could have a great quiet Christmas together, sitting around a fire, drinking something appropriate, and discussing something deep and meaningful (what’s for dinner?).

  3. I understanad your sentiments completely. I am buying all of three (3), presents for people this year, and doing it all on Amazon. I no longer celebrate Christmas (I do fun things on New Year’s Day instead). I don’t dare set foot in my nearest grocery store because it’s a Wal-Mart and who needs that sort of headache?
    Eww, I can’t think of worse place to go in the next five weeks than a Wal-Mart. I prefer to buy my food at a store that specializes in food, like my local King Soopers (stupid name; think Safeway or Kroger). Anymore, that’s my big indulgence every week, a no-limits run through the supermarket. Woohoo! (Think of the damage if I did that in a Wal-Mart every week!!)

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