Crazy-making dog

When you live alone, your imagination can get the best of you sometimes. Okay, maybe a lot. Lifelong habits, like thinking “so-and-so must have taken it” when an item disappears, run headlong into “now where did I put that.”

It gets even more complicated when you live with a cat and a dog. One of them might have taken the missing item. Or moved it, knocked it off, or pushed it under something. Or, as has happened occasionally, totally consumed it.

Sooo, the question at hand is, what happened to my box of drill bits? I finally broke down and bought a drill last week (yea!), after years of needing and wanting one for odd jobs around the house. I bought a separate little box of assorted drill bits. The two containers have been sitting here on my coffee table ever since.

Except I just noticed the box of drill bits is gone. I’m pretty sure I didn’t move it (as sure as I can be of anything anymore). The cat might have pushed it onto the floor but has shown zero interest in it up till now. That leaves the dog — the four-legged self-propelled roving dispose-all who will sample anything she can get her teeth into. And she particularly loves anything I’ve handled that gets left on the coffee table — magazines, camera, remote, phone … bit box?

I’ve already done a quick tour of the house without seeing it. Its bright yellow should have been easy to spot, right? I checked the drawers under the table, in case I tucked in there; no luck. Kitchen counter? No. Under the coffee table? Nope. Quick peeks under the other nearby furniture; not there.

I guess it’s time to grab the broom and start doing deep sweeps under everything. That box is in this house somewhere. I just hope Dawg the Destroyer didn’t ruin the plastic latch before she hid it.

2 thoughts on “Crazy-making dog

  1. Ack! I cannot stand it when that happens. For me, I buy something, bring it down to the basement and it gets lost forever the minute I need it. I have re-bought so many things because I’m so unorganized. It sounds like you are fairly organized which makes your post all the more frustrating! Sorry and I hope it turns up!
    Actually, my house is usually an unorganized mess. My “system” is little more than remembering which pile something might be in. I finally had to clear the coffee table (my favorite piling place) because the dog would take anything that was there.

    Fortunately, the missing box did turn up, pushed way back under the sofa. Not a tooth mark on it. Either she lost it under there almost immediately, or DeWalt makes damn tough boxes.

  2. Good for you PT! Today I decided to look for Christmas cards that I bought on clearance after the holiday last year- think I found them? BAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH! I had to go out and buy new. *Bangs head on the table* But, I’m glad you’re tools are found! I’ll probably find the clearance cards when I unpack all the Christmas decorations and such….
    Maybe you’ll find those cards in time for NEXT Christmas. They’ll work just as well then. Only OCD people like me will flip them over and check the copyright to see if they’re current issue. LOL.

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