Idaho killing wolves from choppers

One thought on “Idaho killing wolves from choppers”

  1. I have to wonder what kind of person would not only shoot a wolf, but shoot a wolf pup. Really. It’s despicable.

    BTW, my blog is closed for a few days. I think the Wicked Witch of the West found me. I may just can the whole anonymous thing and just start over publicly, albeit more politely.
    Clearly these people believe the only good wolf is a dead wolf, regardless of its age. I could almost tolerate a public hunt with carefully enforced rules about fair pursuit, and only adult males can be shot, or something like that, with a closely watched total. But it sure sounds like in Idaho it’s just all-out war, shoot any lupine that moves from any vantage point you can get. Open season there really is wide open. Shameful. And I blame it all on Ken Salazar; he’s the one personally responsible for allowing this.

    Yes, I noticed your blog was shut down again. Sorry about that. Hope to see you up again soon.

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