Keeping up with … the kids and kidlets

I used to take great pride in knowing my son’s friends thought I was the “coolest” mom. I don’t know what made them think that, but I loved it.

Maybe it was because I actually enjoyed my son’s favorite music and encouraged playing it — loudly — on my big stereo. Sorry, but I don’t know any other way to listen to rock. You don’t turn rock down; you turn rock up. It should vibrate the floor and rattle the windows.

Or maybe it was because my only inviolate house rules were 1. Never wake me up! and 2. Never lie to me! In other words, I was a pushover and not much of a disciplinarian.

Well, all that is ancient history. These days it’s all I can do to stay at least somewhat aware of the latest technology and language. I try to keep up, at least enough to not embarrass the kids.

So it was, the other day, with three generations in the room, that I thought to ask, “What word do you and your friends use to describe something that is really fantastic, the best, greatest you can imagine?” (I had to dumb it down a bit for the 7-year-old.) “What’s your favorite, preferred superlative?” (That was for the adults in the room.)

I wanted to see if I was still “hip” with my current terminology.

And the consensus of three generations? Awesome.

Awesome is the greatest, coolest, neatest, best anything can be these days. Yea! I’m still hip, I’m still cool, I’m still neat and with it. I’ve still got it. I still speak the language.

I’m awesome!

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