Phone books: opt out!

I saw a Dex ad yesterday reminding me that a new phone book season is coming soon. And when it arrives, those trashy blocks of paper will begin proliferating on my porch like rabbits (apologies to rabbits everywhere).

Hoping to head off the impending population explosion, I went looking for a way to weasel out of my share of the … er … goodies. Apparently one can opt out of both yellow and white pages at If it works, I will have opted out of half a dozen different books; here in the Denver area there are two companies publishing books for the entire metro, several regional editions, separate yellow and white pages, and at least one compact edition. Lucky me.

I might not have done it in time for this year, and I might regret it (unlikely), but I opted out of everything. I probably didn’t save a tree, but I might have saved a branch or two. And I definitely saved myself some aggravation.

... and that's my two cents