Roe v Wade: 37 years and still fighting

The Roe v Wade decision was handed down 37 years ago today and, unbelievably, women are still having to fight to keep this very personal and very basic right — the right to a safe, legal abortion.

In the 21st Century, despite all the advances of medicine, science, law, and education, there are still those who believe they have the right to tell women — complete strangers — what decisions they can and cannot make about their personal health and lives. There are still those who think their religious and personal views supersede the legal rights of others, and that lies, intimidation, violence, and even murder are legitimate ways to impose these views on others.

Pro choice advocates, today we celebrate 37 years of freedom and privacy for American women. But we can’t let our guard down.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

–Thomas Jefferson

2 thoughts on “Roe v Wade: 37 years and still fighting

  1. I just have to remind the anti-choicers of Massachusetts, who are gloating about Brown and think he’s going to do them any favors, that they will have to pry reproductive rights out of my cold, dead hands. Nothing sickens me more than people who think they know what’s best for everyone.
    Brown got elected because he happened to be the Republican candidate at a time when the voters wanted to send a message to Washington. Message sent. Whether he can now accomplish anything remains to be seen, but he’d better keep his hands off women’s rights.

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