Time waits for no man … or woman

I just caught Barry Manilow on a late night show. Second time in the last month or so. Same reaction both times. OMG, he’s so thin! True, it’s been years since I’ve seen him. But still …

Then he starts singing and it’s like watching a spindly heron working the shallows. Strangest of all is his face. It doesn’t move. It is expressionless, emotionless. A shiny mask. This is not Barry Manilow. This is a strange mechanized Mannilow mannequin lip syncing old Mannilow hits.

How desperately sad that celebrities feel the need to do this to themselves. They aren’t fooling anyone. We know how old they are because we know how old we are.

I think somehow I feel insulted by it. Do they really think I’ll like them any less if they age at the same rate I do? It’s like they’re dumping their “old” fans, trying to stay young-looking to attract younger fans — as if younger fans will be attracted to Tussaud escapees.

4 thoughts on “Time waits for no man … or woman

  1. It’s ridiculous. They are also worried about wrinkles and age showing up on HD TV.
    I hadn’t thought about HD TV. It will, of course, make their plastic faces even more conspicuous.

  2. There appears to be a massive pressure put upon celebs to look youthful. It’s tragic and as you say insulting…and the results are obvious. So what is the point? When did a few wrinkles and grey hair become such a crime?
    Good point about the crime. I resent this nonsense precisely because it does strongly imply that my gray hair and wrinkles are not okay.

  3. Well, I have to admit that when I start seeing my hair turn a color I do not like…..off I go! LOL 🙂 Is that bad? Well, it makes me feel better seeing my hair look less “old.” 🙂 Thanks for stopping in earlier. I enjoyed your comments. Your blog is a place where one can be honest and see the world in your eyes. Thanks for that! Have a great week!
    Hey, thanks for dropping by. Yeah, I stopped coloring my hair about 6 months ago to see what I really had underneath. I can live with it, since I’m retired now and there are no men in my life to impress. 😉

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