Toyota-bashing vs. legitimate concern

3 thoughts on “Toyota-bashing vs. legitimate concern”

  1. Between the GM bailout and now the Toyota recall, I’ve never been so proud to own a FORD! 🙂
    Yep, my son moved to Ford with his most recent purchase, and now it’s way up on my list of possible next vehicles.

  2. I would bet that there have been numerous deaths, attributed to defective cars produced by Ford and other motor companies. The media needs to do a better job with their investigative journalism. Did any other motor company face similar recalls like the ones Toyota is having? What were the circumstances of those recalls? Give us some comparative statistics or perspective.
    Exactly what I was wondering. Let’s get it all out on the table. Just how bad is Toyota, really, when compared with the other car companies? What have the other companies been handling quietly, below the radar? This whole thing started with Toyota but now would be the perfect time to compile the figures on all the car companies and see exactly what we’ve got. Sounds like something NHTSA should look into.

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