‘Family Guy’ and the family gal

Sarah Palin is reportedly angry that the TV show “Family Guy” poked fun at one of her kids. I’d say which one, but then she’d probably get mad at me either for mentioning one of her children or for using a politically incorrect adjective to describe him.

Anyway, suffice it to say Sarah seems to get upset about a lot of things (I call her Sarah because I know she likes to be casual and folksy). She even gets upset about things people say when they aren’t talking to or about her (or her kids). Remember the Rahm Emanuel thing?

Sarah keeps asking us not to mention her children, yet she was the one who eagerly thrust them into the limelight during the Republican National Convention in 2008. She knew full well that entering the national political scene would mean giving up much of her family’s privacy. “Meet my kids!” “Don’t mention my kids.” “Here are my kids.” “Don’t talk about my kids.”

But then, it’s not the political scene, is it? I forgot. She’s not a politician anymore; she resigned. Now she’s an author, a celebrity, a professional public speaker and TV commentator. But she still does a lot of her talking on … Facebook? I’m supposed to take seriously what she says on Facebook?

Sarah, sweetie, just between us girls, there’s a saying … if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. It means if you can’t keep your cool in the heat of the national celebrity spotlight, you get out. Go back to your own little kitchen in Alaska and cook up some moose stew or something. Oh, and bake some cookies for the kids.

One thought on “‘Family Guy’ and the family gal

  1. True. True. She needs to stick to the moose stew. You don’t get to be a public figure and pick which areas of your life are off limits – sadly, kids are thrown right into it!
    Yep, parenthood demands certain things of you, just as public life does.

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