Super Bowl … er, Superbowl … Sunday

I guess it’s a good thing I’m retired, because things I would have been all over once upon a time are now flying right by me.

I was browsing for some “Super Bowl” info today, and Google asked me if I meant “Superbowl.” No, you stupid computer program, it’s not one word. Ah, but I was mistaken … sort of. I soon realized that one spelling was about as common as the other. Funny, I’d never really noticed before.

Anyway, I was looking for stories about the SB ads. And, in particular, the Tebow Focus on the Family ad. After all the furor leading up to it, I’d somehow missed it. But then I spent most of the game struggling against the decades-old habit of tuning out ads. I fully intended to watch them, yet I managed to miss a bunch of them. I was waiting for the Budweiser clydesdales and still missed half of that one. And I found out later there’d been one with Leno, Letterman, and Oprah and another with Betty White. Totally missed those.

Unfortunately, I didn’t miss the halftime show. Who doesn’t like The Who? But they made the mistake of trying to do their own playing and singing instead of lip syncing the studio recordings we all know by heart. Ugh. It was painful.

But I did see the game. Which was the point of all this, after all. Loved it! I knew the Saints were supposedly the underdogs, yet were also the sentimental favorite. I’m delighted they won, and handily too — 31-17. I’m happy for them, happy for New Orleans. Congratulations, Saints.

One thought on “Super Bowl … er, Superbowl … Sunday

  1. It’s incredible how crappy some bands can sound live. I saw “Faith No More” perform life once, and they were hideous. My kids sound better when they’re playing Rock Band. Hell, my dog sounds better. Too bad though, I like the Who.

    I did not watch the Superbowl, though. I made potstickers instead. They were awesome!
    I appreciate a man who cooks. Time well spent, sounds like. 🙂

    Yeah, you listen to a band’s recordings for a couple of decades and then hear them live (especially when they’re well past their prime), it’s gonna be a shock.

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