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Sure it’s surgery, but now the shoes fit

“Working in corporate American you have to be trendy and where the latest style shoes, so I’m a very interested in shoes, I love shoes, I love shoe stores and I’m always shopping on line for shoes.” Charlene Strachan couldn’t fit into the shoes she liked and had a lot of pain. “It was part cosmetic and part health issues, partly because of the pain.” Podiatrist dr. Oliver Zong’s patients are like Charlene, mostly 18 to 40. “The bulk of the patients are having surgeries like foot narrowing or toe shortening, so they are able to better fit inside of their shoes.”

— from a current website


American woman are having foot surgery just so they can fit into their favorite shoes!? Seriously? Is it just me, or does this sound really nuts? Does this doctor have some sort of fixation on tiny, deformed female feet? (I hope his doctoring is better than his proofreading.)

Silly me, I’d have just bought shoes to fit my feet instead of whittling my feet down to fit the shoes. But that’s me — old fashioned and out of touch.

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