Philadelphia food police eye soda

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  2. I totally agree, and we have the same thing in the UK with alcohol. Penalizing my drink choices because someone else has a drink problem is wrong!

    Also, where do they draw the line on this kind taxation?
    Yeah, if this is successfully, I can see it being gradually extended to more and more “unhealthy” foods.

  3. Well, they’re not telling you that you can’t eat or drink something, they’re just making it more expensive, right? I actually don’t have too much of a problem with this, except I think the tax is too high. It should start much lower than this. And the diet drinks should be exempt – sort of defeats the “excused purpose” otherwise.

    The health cost of obesity and diabetes gets spread around, so it makes sense from that perspective that the government would try to at least nudge things in the right direction. Although, really, this is likely more of an excuse to establish a new tax so that they’ll be able to have money for other purposes. Can they guarantee where the money from this tax will be used? Will it be used to help people with diabetes and kidney disease caused by overconsumption of fats and carbs? Probably not.
    Yes, the money will just go into the city coffers and get spent on whatever. The tax is high because they are trying to make unhealthy behavior/consumption prohibitively expensive. Discouraging such behavior is the job of parents, educators, and the individual, not the government.

    I’ve seen fat taxes compared to tobacco taxes and the assault on smokers. The difference being we have to eat. The minute you start taxing specific foods, you start down a slippery slope. Who knows, the food police might eventually decide beef is too unhealthy and tax it out of existence. Who knows where it will end? And who decides?

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