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Civility and America’s dying values

The continuing coarsening of America has taken a new and very ugly turn today. At least ten Washington lawmakers have requested extra security due to threats to their safety and that of their families — because of their votes on health care reform.

Haven’t the issuers of the threats, those paeans of virtue, heard of the ballot box and the democratic process?

Health care reform at its worst could never be as harmful to the country as those who threaten the actual lives and property of others over a vote.

Little better are broadcasters and other high profile individuals who incite such behavior — who knowingly and deliberately wield their influence to whip an angry segment of the populace into a frenzied mob. The word irresponsible comes to mind. Also coward, for sitting cloistered in their studios and offices while sending their followers out to do the dirty work.

Responsibility. Civility. Respect. Manners. Get ’em while you can, because the supply is limited and once they’re gone …

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