Immigration reform: not this year

Brent Wilkes, executive vice president of the League of United Latin American Citizens was just on CNN to discuss immigration reform. He was, of course, invited to appear.

I’ve gotten the distinct impression this week that the media are ginning up the discussion of immigration reform with the assumption it will be the next item on President Obama’s to-do list. I guess they have to have something to talk about and the more controversial, the better.

Frankly, I’d think it a subject politicians would stay far away from until after the elections in November. Immigration is always a hot topic, every bit as divisive as health care reform.

Not that long ago I was bouncing off the walls over illegal immigration. And I’d just as soon not do it again so soon.

I wish the media would just chill and wait till Congress decides to address the issue, if they decide to address it. We don’t need to stir things up anymore right now.

... and that's my two cents