Max, Molly, McGee and me

Molly grabs some zzzzzz's

When I’m not checking TV prices, as discussed in my last post, I’m busy watching Molly the barn owl. She’s a beautiful bird, but to add to the interest, she’s sitting on five eggs. Actually, four now. One hatched earlier today and I saw it all live. Little Max is here.

If you enjoy birds, you’ll love this site. Excellent image, good sound. And an extra treat, a night vision camera so you can watch 24/7. That’s especially important since Molly’s mate, McGee, brings food — small rodents and such — to her after dark.

Molly shreds a rat and feeds Max (white head emerging from behind her wing, directly below her beak) his first meal.

Carlos and Donna Royal host the cameras in San Marcos, Calif., and you should see the computer/TV set-up they have in their home; it appears in a story done by a local TV station. They mounted the nest box on a pole in their backyard two years ago and have waited all this time for a female to set up house there. Now they and some 15,000-20,000 viewers on Ustream are enjoying the fruits of their labor.

Another interesting feature: the Royals occasionally come on live, in a picture-in-picture format, and talk to the audience and take questions while everyone continues to watch Molly. Amazing technology.

Anyway, tune in. See little Max (ugly in an adorable way) and wait for the rest of the eggs to hatch in the days to come.

P.S. Molly’s FAQ page is on WordPress.

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