The loneliest man in Michigan

Did you hear the one about Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI) selling out his pro-life friends for $726,409 in airport grants?

Heh. And you thought he rolled over on just the strength of a promised Executive Order from President Obama. An order that could be revoked at any time by any president. No, no, no, mon ami. The deal was sweetened with the aforementioned grant.

So, the whole time he was standing resolutely for pro-lifers and his Stupak Amendment (see previous posts), he was really no more principled than anyone else in Washington. He was just holding out for the right deal, and when he finally got it, he flipped.

Disgusting, isn’t it? When he stepped up last night at the eleventh hour to speak for his new position, someone on the Republican side yelled, “baby killer.”* Nice. This, ladies and gentlemen, is our Congress in action.

Poor Bart Stupak. The pro-choicers already hated him. Now the pro-lifers hate him too. I hope he lives near one of those spiffed-up Michigan airports because the people who work there may be the only friends he has left.


*Texas Congressman Randy Neugebauer has released a statement admitting he is the person who shouted and that what he actually said was, “It’s a baby killer.” Reporters standing nearby say they heard only the two words “baby killer.”

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