Can online banking be too secure?

2 thoughts on “Can online banking be too secure?”

  1. Blah, Key is still using that same logo? I remember my mom complaining to me 14 years or so ago about how out-of-date it looked.

    Beyond that, much as I hate banks, I must say I’ve been relatively pleased with Chase, especially over the last few months. They were right on the ball when I had problems with money from Microsoft and haven’t charged me any outrageous fees. I wouldn’t mind dealing with a smaller bank, but frankly there aren’t any close to me and most banks now check credit before they give you an account (yes, indeed, and my credit rating is somewhere around -1,000), so moving isn’t practical.
    I’m only looking for friendly, hassle-free basic services — checking, savings, ATM, online banking; you’d think any bank could handle that, wouldn’t you?

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